Meet:-  Man behind Congress Victory

Kanugolu is originally from Andhra Pradesh and has worked as a political consultant in several states across India, including Bihar, Telangana, and Kerala.

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– In Karnataka, he has been working on developing campaign strategies for the upcoming assembly elections, which are scheduled to take place in 2023.

– Kanugolu has emphasized the importance of building a strong grassroots organization and connecting with voters through social media and other digital platforms.

– He has also advocated for a more inclusive approach to campaigning, reaching out to diverse communities and highlighting issues that are important to them.

– Kanugolu has worked with several prominent Congress leaders in Karnataka, including former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, and has been praised for his strategic thinking and innovative ideas.

– However, he faces a challenging political environment in Karnataka, where the Congress party has struggled to gain a foothold in recent years.

– Despite these challenges, Kanugolu remains optimistic and committed to helping the Congress party succeed in the upcoming elections.